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PAINT FINISHER is a fine-finishing leader when it comes to cabinets. We spray-paint onsite and offsite in the Greater Toronto Area. We deliver a smooth and durable flawless finish in the right color. Through a dustless and odourless process.

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Delivering a Smooth & Durable Flawless Finish in the Right Color. Through a Dustless and Odourless Process. 

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Professional Refinishing Services

PAINT FINISHER is equipped with the most effective tools and with a proven proprietary process. Our methodology is trust and excellency. Completing your spray-painting project smoothly is our nature.

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We Deliver Extraordinary Results

You'll love how a new smooth and durable paint finish in the right colour will transform your woodwork. We want you to have a good experience as we spruce up your woodwork.

The PAINT FINISHERS' (Re)Finishing Process

Find out what makes PAINT FINISHERS so different. At the shop or your home, our work is done through our proven again and again organized processes which are safe and promise topnotch results. When spray-painting onsite, we enclose the room, set up an air extractor to collect overspray and minimize paint smell. Trust PAINT FINISHERS with your home and cabinets.

We show up on time.

"I turned to PAINT FINISHERS for my kitchen and the company did a beautiful job. Now I'm happy with my white kitchen."


-Carm Piscitelli | Homeowner

At PAINT FINISHER we're turning cabinets into the colour you want. Giving them a smooth and durable finish. We fix general wear and tear, yellowed finish, and correct colour hues. Whether at the shop or onsite, our work is done with care. We can do any solid colour for you, just choose how shiny you want the finish to be. These are just a few of the projects we've completed.

I'm so satisfied with the work done. If you want cabinets that look so good like mine. I recommend PAINT FINISHER.


-Johnny Luk | Homeowner

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