The Kitchen Cabinet Process


The Refinishing Process

  • Confirm on color and sheen.

  • Refinish the cabinet boxes/structure onsite.

  • Refinish cabinet doors and drawers at the shop.

  • Reinstall and align cabinets.



How long does it take?


Cabinet doors and drawers need a 5-day turnaround time at our shop.


Refinishing the cabinet boxes onsite takes 2 days for average size kitchens (that have 22 to 39 cabinet doors).



How you can prepare for the service


Before we come onsite for the onsite spray-painting please remove all furniture from the area. Ensure that your floors are clean. Please clear-out the countertops and fully empty-out your cabinets. Please clean in behind your refrigerator and stove (if applicable).

Before, During and After


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