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With a background in the industry since 2009. James Kalay got inspired and founded PAINT FINISHER in 2017 to serve customers in bringing their cabinets to a mint condition with a colour that works better for their space. To amaze the customer with results. To make cabinets beautiful and functional. Knowing that a refinished cabinet is done right only when the paint-job is smooth, flawless and durable enough. PAINT FINISHER’S mission is to achieve these results by, one: using the good-stuff (RENNER 851) while keeping everyone safe from chemicals and two: without the spread of sanding-dust and overspray especially in an occupied home. PAINT FINISHER achieves this mission by performing the necessary prep ahead of time. Also, by utilizing the most innovational equipment. This is why PAINT FINISHERS service has been admired and appreciated by so many.


1). Conscientious - work hard and safe to achieve proper results in a timely manner.


Fine Finishing Service Done Safely, Efficiently & Successfully

Let PAINT FINISHER take care of the refinishing for you because we already have the proper setup, experience and expertise to get your spray-painting project done right the first time. Letting us do it for you guarantees that you will be left with top-notch results that requires minimal effort on your part.

The Right Products


We don't topcoat your cabinets with BM Advance, Scuff-X, Regal or Sherwin-Williams paints unless requested by you. Your PAINT FINISHER quote will include a far better performing product than those just mentioned. We use the best primer for the giving situation and we top-coat with an Italian polyurethane (RENNER 851 in 1K or 2K). This Italian polyurethane is intended for professional use only and requires adequate ventilation during application, which is exactly what PAINT FINISHER is equipped to do. With us the refinishing process is virtually orderless and dustless in your home and not many firms can claim that! Renew your cabinets with PAINT FINISHER! Visit our Contact Us page now!



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