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PAINT FINISHER is a leader in spray-painting cabinets onsite and offsite in the Greater Toronto Area.

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A combination of paint and good prep creates transformations, especially for cabinets. Now in business since 2009. PAINT FINISHER was founded to bring cabinets to a mint condition no matter the current state. Causing people to love their cabinets and making them a source of pride, not an embarrassment. Today we use a shellac primer and a post-catalyst water-based lacquer topcoat. Our service delivery promise is that the end result will have a smooth feeling fine finish, accurate colour match and, a durable finish that will last.


Service with Respect & Trust


We do what it takes to maximize the beauty of the finished product. 


Take Action, Improve, Grow & Adapt


At PAINT FINISHER we get things done successfully by being proactive, knowing what the final result looks like, prioritizing what's most important, thinking win-win, understanding the client's needs and wants, working well with others and preparing for what's next.


Rinse & Repeat What Works


Our processes have proven to deliver extraordinary results. At PAINT FINISHER we deliver what we promise, embrace our work and strive to provide a good customer experience.


Our Purpose is to Create Elegance 


For us, elegance starts by picking the right colour and sheen you can be proud of. We have the proper setup, experience and expertise to get your spray-painting project done right the first time. Let PAINT FINISHER take care of the (re)finishing for you. 


Using the Right Products


We've implemented the best performing coating systems for getting the right colour, smooth finish and a durable finish that will last as long as you want it to. One of many benefits to painting your kitchen cabinets with us is how much money it saves versus alternative options. Renew your cabinets with PAINT FINISHER!



P.S. Which solid-colour? How shiny?

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