Xhejms (James) Kalaj is the founder of PAINT FINISHER. We have been in business since 2009. PAINT FINISHER has been founded to bring cabinets to a mint condition no matter the current state. To introduce the appropriate color to a space. To amaze our customers. To make cabinets functional again and a source of pride. This is what inspires us at PAINT FINISHER. We believe that cabinet refinishing is done right only when the paint-job is smooth, flawless and durable enough to withstand regular use. We also believe that these results should be achieved without paint smell to the client and without the spread of dust. We do this by performing the work in an enclosed and well-ventilated environment. Also, by utilizing the most effective tools and materials. This is how we collect and contain dust, paint fumes and get a really nice finish onsite and offsite that people admire.




Respecting the individual is essential for cooperation.



To be trustworthy is to be sincere, reliable, competent and to care.




The rule of thumb is to simply make decisions with good judgment and to do your best.


At PAINT FINISHER Our Purpose is to Provide Safe Fine Finishing Services for woodwork

Let PAINT FINISHER take care of the refinishing for you because we already have the proper setup, experience and expertise to get your spray-painting project done right the first time. Letting us do it for you guarantees that you will be left with top-notch results that requires minimal effort on your part. Picking the right color(s) and sheen is essential in order to make your space functional and we can help you with that as well.

Using the Right Products


We've implemented the best performing coating systems for getting the right color, smooth finish and a durable finish that will last as long as you want it to. Today we use a shellac primer and a pre-catalyzed water-based lacquer topcoat. One of many benefits to painting your kitchen cabinets with us is how much money it saves versus alternative options. Renew your cabinets with PAINT FINISHER! Call for an estimate today!



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PAINT FINISHER is a dustless and odorless refinishing business model. We finish kitchen cabinets, built-ins and entry doors in the Greater Toronto Area.

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