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Proper Refinishing Creates Real Elegance


In order, to help our customers understand the cost of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets we've curated the following pricing system.

NOTE: The below template is not the actual way we price out your project. This was solely curated to give you a ballpark estimate. The below pricing system consists of two parts (cabinet box structure, which gets sprayed onsite and cabinet doors/drawers which get sprayed offsite at our shop). Combine column #1 and column #2 to get a ballpark estimate for a full-package refinish.

Column #1: (re)Finishing Cabinet Doors at the shop


 $75 per cabinet door and drawer (your cabinets may cost less, conditions apply). Includes pick-up and delivery. 


(re)Finishing both sides of Cabinet Doors & Drawers price template (e.g., does not include cabinet boxes):


  $900          1 to 12 cabinets  (starting rate)

  $1,350        18 cabinet doors and drawers

  $1,950        26 cabinet doors and drawers

  $2,250        30 cabinet doors and drawers

  $3,750        50 cabinet doors and drawers

  $7,500       100 cabinet doors and drawers

Column #2 (re)Finishing Kitchen Cabinet Box Structure Onsite


The count of functional cabinet doors and drawers a kitchen has, usually dictates the size of the kitchen structure. The below estimates include the refinishing of the external onsite cabinet structure such as gable ends, fillers, crown, valance and the toekick.




Pricing templates for Kitchen Cabinet boxes. Includes the (re)Finishing of all stationary cabinetry such as gable-ends, valence, crown and toe-kick. (e.g., cabinet doors and drawers are priced separately and not included below);


  $1,500 to $2,000 for cabinet structors that have 4 to 17 cabinets

  $2,000 to $3,000 for cabinet structors that have 18 to 28 cabinets

  $3,000 to $4,000 for cabinet structors that have 25 to 35 cabinets

 $4,000 to $5,000 for cabinet structors that have 36 to 55 cabinets

 $5,000 to $7,000 for cabinet structors that have 56 to 110 cabinets

Important Note:  Cabinet Door & Drawer price (Column #1) + Cabinet box structure cost (Column #2) = Approximate Estimate for a Full Package Kitchen Cabinet (re)Finish

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